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Our Rates

We Provide a NO-OBLIGATION ASSESSMENT* at your premises.





Step 1 - Call us to fix a time

Simply call us to fix a time at your convenience. We can usually respond within 1 hour, depending on the job scope and our schedule for the day.

Step 2 – No Obligation House Call to check your plumbing problems

Once we reach your premises, we will proceed to check the exact problem you are having and propose a solution. Breakdown of charges would then be explained in detail.

Step 3 - You decide if you wish to proceed to fix the problem

No obligation if you feel the price is not right. We will only proceed with the job if you are agreeable with the price. No charges* will be incurred if you decide not to go ahead with the job.

Step 4 - Issuance of invoice

Commencement Of Warranty

90 days’ warranty from the date of invoice given.

*We have a transport charge of $18 between 9am-5pm which will be waived if our service is engaged*


Below table serves as a guideline for the basic plumbing services by the plumbing society.

Description of Services

Unit rate

1. Clear all form of chokages From $40
2. Fixing of leakages From $40
3. Repair/Replace cistern tank From $50
4. Supply and install taps/faucets From $60
5. Concealed leakage From $150
6. Supply and install sink/basin From $160
7. Replace Sink/Basin/Cistern flexible hose From $40
8. Piping work From $80

The list above are not exhaustive. Please call us at 63888911 for a more detailed pricing.

Having been in the industry for the past 8 years, we understand the need to provide assurances to our customers.

We provide 90 days’ after-sales warranty to our customer after they engage our service. This gives our customers a peace of mind and is surely one of the major reasons why many of our customers return to seek our expertise and also refer their friends and family members.


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