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Free Assessment

Free Assessment Service By
S & E Plumbing Enterprise

We offer a no-obligation on-site assessment* for our clients.

Upon receiving your call, we would send our plumbers over to assess the situation and give you a quote. It is non-obligatory and entirely up to you to decide whether to go ahead to engage our services. Transport charges might apply depending on the time and day when service is rendered.

*Details of Transport charges as follows:

Mon – Fri : 9am-5pm and
Sat and eve of holiday : 9am-1pm except public holidays : $18*
*(which will be waived if you engaged our services)

Mon – Fri : 5:01pm-8:59pm,
Sat : 1:01pm-8:59pm : $30

Sunday and public holiday and
Midnight Transport charge (9:00pm - 8:59am) : $60

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