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About S & E Plumbing Enterprise

S & E PLUMBING Enterprise (PUB license : WS/0875/1998) was established in 2003 and is currently made up of a team of local, PUB licensed and experienced plumbers. We have plumbers on 24 hours’ standby island-wide to help those who need plumbing services urgently. A huge majority of our current clientele base is built based on our ex-customers’ referrals. S & E Plumbing Enterprise has gained a good reputation all these years due to these 3 major factors - quality, efficiency and after-sales service.





How to secure an appointment:

  1. call us to arrange for a no-obligation on-site assessment.

  2. prior to starting any works, our plumber would give you a breakdown of the prices.

  3. upon agreement of the price, our plumber would proceed commencement of the works.

  4. All works done come with a 90 days’ Warranty. As such, you need not worry about sloppy or incomplete work.

Call now at 63888911 or 96626858


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